US Sourced, Pure, Expertly Processed

Our facility has been built and is operating under GMP principles, with strict internal lab testing along with independent lab testing. We follow the strictest standards and source only USA grown Hemp.

Quality, Consistency, Supply

The founding team at The CBD Factories has been perfecting quality Hemp-CBD extraction and processing for over 10 years with independent operations in CA and CO. Our West Virginia processing facility and lab is built in a state-of-the-art facility, equipped with custom developed high volume proprietary ethanol extraction, polarization chiller, evaporation and chromatography equipment.

The West Virginia facility is operated on GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) principles. Hemp and hemp based crude is sourced through exclusive and sustained USA grower relationships for consistency and production quality. Our MRP tracking system enables us to monitor each stage of production and follow the product from raw material through finished product, reporting on source and process to isolate and address concerns before they reach the consumer. Finally, all of our production is first tested in-house, and then independently tested and the resulting COA is tracked with each batch throughout the process.


The CBD Factories sources and produces product that exceed the highest standards of purity. Our phytocannabinoid rich CBD is produced utilizing domestic hemp and extracted via food grade ethanol in a world-class facility. Our process seeks to purge all solvents during the extraction process, and we independently test for both microbial and contaminant analysis at each stage, including:

- No pesticides
- No residual solvents
- Negative for Aflatoxins
- Negative for Salmonella
- Negative for E.Coli
- Total Aerobic Count < 2, 000 cfu/g
- Total Yeast & Mold < 200 cfu/g
- No detected Heavy Metals
- No Detected Lead
- No Detected Arsenic
- No Detected Residual Solvents
- Non-GMO


The CBD Factories has built out one the largest extraction facilities in the North Eastern USA. Operated in West Virginia, the lab was custom designed from the ground up around proprietary systems to create a best-in-class manufacturing and operating facility.


The CBD Factories is committed to best-in-class and independently certified production, tracking and testing methodologies. We operate on established Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) principals and follow ISO methodologies for operation. This means that we’ve implemented systems, methodologies, along with checks and balances to help ensure consistent quality and supply, along with established recall and issue tracking processes. This is accomplished by way of an integrated start-to-finish Material Resource Planning (MRP) system to monitor source product input, processing, and finished product. In the unlikely event there’s an issue, our system can quickly pinpoint the source, determine all participating elements and issue recall notification.

Fully operational, the CBD Factories is equipped to process in excess of 10,000 lbs of bio-mass per day.

Independent Testing

Each batch of finished product is tested in-house, and then independently tested and certified at multiple points within the production process. A COA is maintained on-file and publicly available for each finished product. Our MRP system tracks each component, piece of equipment and operator against each batch. In the unlikely event that an issue is discovered, our systems can quickly isolate and resolve problems.

It is also our philosophy to encourage our client partners to offer the same transparency with regard to the consumer product they produce using our material. As such, each COA is linked to individual batches and always made available publicly for review.